30 Essential Songs From Nigerian Superstar DAVIDO

by Ukenya Emmanuel

Only a few musical demonstrations have had the option to catch the melodic outlook of the 2010s concisely (and later periods) like Davido. With a marked sound that relaxes in the elemental delights of exploring life as a Nigerian, his long-term vocation has been set apart by melodies that give reprieve notwithstanding unforgiving fundamental factors. It doesn’t matter whether fans can connect with his overstated, frequently nervy verses; with Davido, there’s generally a great chance to be had.

Since his noteworthy appearance on the scene with the Naeto C-helped “Back When” and the daring development “Dami Duro,” Davido has stayed a reliable figure in the steadily developing Afrobeats scene. From record-breaking singles and collections to his natural capacity to transform each joint effort into a “Davido melody,” the vocalist is perhaps of Afrobeats’ most enlivened craftsman and is fit for making music that consistently rises above into song of devotion status.

With the arrival of his hotly anticipated fourth studio collection, Immortal, a record that embeds him back into the discussion after a concise break, we dove into Davido’s sweeping assortment of hits as well as underestimated diamonds to present to you a rundown of his most fundamental tunes.

“A while ago When” with Naeto C

Davido’s most memorable authority single, “Back When,” acquainted the world with the young maker and artist in 2011. Joining another rush of craftsmen endeavouring to rehash afrobeat for another age of web-driven fans, Davido came in weapons bursting with a banger about making it regardless of coming from nothing, a fascinating story for a reported craftsman himself as the child of a tycoon. Oneself delivered track likewise included a hard-hitting but perky appearance from rapper Naeto C.

“Dami Duro”

Co-created closely by Shizzi, “Dami Duro” permitted Davido to dump his underlying grass-to-effortlessness story for one that felt more genuine to his public profile. Splendid, happy and braggadocious, “Dami Duro” was part-declaration, part-party song of devotion, as the youthful artist boisterously proclaimed his expectation to change the game with advance notice to anybody who attempted to stop him.

“Carolina” with Sauce Youngster

Only briefly before his presentation collection hit racks worldwide, Davido teamed up with Nigerian rapper Sauce Youngster (presently known as Sinzu) on the Maleek Berry-created “Carolina” to finish off 2011. Consolidating Sauce Youngster’s smooth, rich stream with Davido’s particular vocals on a faultless snare, “Carolina” became a guaranteed hit and one of Afrobeats’ most persevering joint efforts.

“Every one of You”

Falling off a line of effective singles while engaging a nepo-child insight that endeavoured to box his accomplishments, Davido had much to demonstrate with his introduction collection, OBO: The Beginning. Cautiously stepping the line between unpleasant and confident, “Every one of You”, the collection’s initial track, found Davido announcing his situation as outstanding in the game. This was a striking assertion from a 19-year-old presenting his most memorable exhibition of work to the world. Be that as it may, glancing back at “Every one of You” north of 10 years after the fact, youthful Davido could have been correct.


Diving deeply into his Yoruba legacy, “Ekuro” finds Davido contrasting his relationship with a palm natural product bean as he consoles his dream that their adoration would stay safe, come downpour or daylight. An underestimated jewel from his introduction collection, “Ekuro” was a far takeoff from the party firework the world was acquainted with on tunes like “Back When” and “Dami Duro”. Nonetheless, it establishes the groundwork for the craftsman to convey future heartfelt works of art like “Yes,” “If,” and “Jowo.”


Before TikTok turned into the Gen Z-oiled machine that transformed moderately dark tunes into accelerated outline clinchers with arranged dance difficulties, Davido left his engraving on the worldwide dance scene with “Skelewu” — his viral 2013 hit that birthed a considerably more popular dance of a similar name. The Shizzi-created melody and its video-assisted Davido, with opening another degree of Afrobeats impact like that of hitmakers like Daddy Showkey, Magnificent Benji, Olu Keep up with, and Artquake.


Preceding Davido boasting about having the option to furnish his dream with the extravagance life and all that cash can purchase on melodies like “Fall,” “If,” and “1Milli,” he delivered 2014’s “Yes.” The track is a folksy pop record written by “Distraught Over You” vocalist Runtown, in which Davido sings about affection liberated from the craving for material things. Created by T-Spize, “Yes” has turned into a mark Davido melody, soundtracking clubs and wedding parties from one side of the planet to the other.

“Coolest Children in Africa” with Dreadful C

2016 was the irrefutable year of trap music takeover. Moving from faintly lit Atlanta clubs to the highest-rated spot, melodies like Desiigner’s “Timmy Turner” and Migos’s “Awful and Boujee” became significant hymns worldwide. Continuously hoping to explore different avenues regarding the new, Davido enrolled South African rapper Frightful C for the “Coolest Youngster in Africa” trap record off his 2016 Child of Kindness EP. Bobbing off one another and jerking normal hip-bounce bass to mirror a more African sound, Davido and Terrible C concocted one of the vocalist’s most trial melodies yet.

“In the event that”

Composed and delivered by Tekno, “If” was the tune that began a Davido renaissance, finishing the drought the vocalist experienced after the tepid gathering of his Child of Benevolence EP. Frequently referred to as one of Davido’s most noteworthy tunes ever, “If” turned out to be to some degree an informal public hymn for Nigerians. The melody won Davido a Best African Demonstration of the year grant at the MTV Europe Music Grants, enlivened a style assortment with universally acclaimed Nigerian fashioner Orange Culture and assisted concrete the name of Davido’s fan with clubbing: The 30 Billion Group or 30BG.


Noisily viewed as Davido’s perfect work of art, “Fall” was the melody that assisted Davido with progressing from Nigerian melodic legend to worldwide hotshot. Drawing impacts from the moving 2016 synth-based mid-rhythm sound promoted by both Runtown’s “Distraught Over You” and Tekno’s “Pana,” Kiddominant’s creation raised Davido’s verses about needing to abandon the roads for affection. “Fall” impacted the world forever as the longest-diagramming Nigerian pop tune in Board history in 2019, way before Nigerians began becoming apparatuses on Bulletin records.


Not very many melodies on Davido’s discography are basically as powerless as the 2017 single, “FIA.” Plunging into the feelings of a man baffled by his sweetheart’s absence of satisfaction, Davido is in excellent condition here as he works with what might have been while pursuing the hard choice to leave an affection that requests a lot of him. In a year that considered Davido set up a good foundation for himself to be a maestro of sentiment with “Fall” and “If,” “FIA” felt like an all the more genuinely grounded investigation of adoration for the vocalist.

“Like Dat”

Davido bookended his 2017 hit run with the arrival of “Like Dat,” which followed the outcome of “If”, “Fall”, and “FIA.” One more joint effort with Shizzi, the melody, which was additionally co-composed by Teni, has acquired a nearly clique-like status, with many referring to “Like Dat” as his best tune of that period, notwithstanding being deluged by the notoriety of the tunes that went before it.


Davido is no more peculiar to spilling his guts in a stupendous endeavour to demonstrate his affection through music. While pieces and bits of the artist’s affection life had been fed to the press since his presentation, he at long last assumed imaginative command over the story with the arrival of “Affirmation” in 2018. Taking his relationship public with the Meji Alabi-coordinated video, Davido’s dream at long last had a face, with the vocalist promising a lifetime confirmation of his affection.

“Divine” with Odunsi The Motor

Interestingly, the arrival of Odunsi The Motor’s 2018 introduction collection was urgent for Nigeria’s modern alté development. The collection upset the recurrence of what Nigerian crowds were utilized to and was immediately trailed by trying ventures from Tay Iwar, Woman Donli, and Savage Santino in 2019. Taking advantage of the free Y2K-motivated scene before it sifted into the standard, Davido gave his fiery vocals and mark “Shekpe!” adlib to Odunsi’s “Heavenly,” a tune that changed over kind doubters, and helped crowds to remember the conceivable outcomes that exist when both the natural and exception track down a sonic center ground.

“Knock My Socks off” with Chris Brown

After a series of hits prodding his sophomore collection, Davido welcomed on Chris Brown for “Take My Breath away,” a smooth vocally-determined R&B love melody wrote by artist Wurld and created by long-lasting partner, Shizzi. The melody set the vibe for the collection’s last singles, “Hazardous” highlighting Popcan and “Sweet in the Center” including Naira Marley, Wurld, and Zlatan.

“Dangerous” with Popcaan

Davido carries his unmistakable energy to “Unsafe,” a lively and steamy dancehall track, with Popcaan at last seeking vengeance for his uncovered there appearance on Drake’s “Controlla.” Speroach Beatz’s creation on the tune inspires pictures of fluorescent-lit clubs, sweat-soaked bodies and slow tempting whimpering.

“D&G” with Summer Walker

Taking his action to get over into the global market, Davido teamed up with American vocalist, Summer Walker on “D&G,” a convincing expansion to an oeuvre previously overflowing with inconceivable love melodies.


With Davido, love isn’t just about committing truly and intellectually yet additionally about effective money management monetarily. On this Teekay Clever delivered track, Davido is completely excited by his dream, as he inquires as to whether 1,000,000 bucks would be a respectable remuneration for her consideration. “1Milli,” off his 2019 collection A Great Time, likewise fills in as an informal development to 2018’s “Confirmation.”


It would be neglectful of anybody to discuss the 2020 #EndSARS development without recognizing the job music played in soundtracking and energizing walks dispersed the nation over. However, assuming there was one melody that concisely caught the unmistakable pressure and general sensations of weariness in those fourteen days, it was Davido’s “Fem”. The vocalist utilized “fem,” which can be deciphered as “shut up,” as a reaction to his skeptics. Notwithstanding, when fights started off that year, baffled Nigerians flipped the tune into an uproarious center finger coordinated at the Nigerian government.

“Barawo” with Ajebo Hawkers

Port Harcourt-based Ajebo Hawkers were moderately obscure when they delivered “Barawo”, a melody getting down on an endemic debasement framework among Nigerian government officials. With the #EndSARS fights driving the melody to another degree of reputation, the gathering enrolled Davido for a remix that has, over the long haul, become nearly, while possibly not more, significant than the first.


To the extent that Davido’s affection tunes go, “Jowo” will go down as perhaps of his most powerful exhibition. On the track, Davido wears his heart intensely on his sleeves as he attempts to persuade his sweetheart to zero in on what they have and shut out the remainder of the world. Regardless of whether his supplication neglects to persuade the melody’s subject, they go quite far in associating with his crowd, making “Jowo” the most streamed tune on the vocalist’s A Superior Time collection.

“The Best” with Mayorkun

Removed his third collection, A Superior Time, “The Best” is a champion coordinated effort among Davido and previous Davido Music Overall endorser, Mayorkun. While the greater part of Davido’s different efforts to check his domain as a forerunner in the game accompanies a need to get going to apply his impact, “The Best” depends on nervy jokes and humour, uncovering a craftsman who doesn’t want to demonstrate that he’s awesome to anybody, not even himself. With this melody, Davido at last trusts his own promotion.

“Ke Star” with Focalistic

Beyond being one of the main voices in Afrobeats today, Davido has flawlessly developed into a cross-mainland melodic chameleon equipped for conveying lively elements with specialists from across the globe. On the remix of Focalistic’s “Ke Star,” he coordinates the South African rappers strutting drones with the progression of an Afropop juggernaut with an inclination for skating types. Investigating the now-well-known amapiano sound, right now it was changing from an underground number one to a worldwide peculiarity, was a significant imaginative wilderness for Davido.

“High” with Adekunle Gold

Five years subsequent to winning far reaching basic and business approval for being the banner kid for cutting edge Juju and Yoruba-people roused music, Nigerian vocalist Adekunle Gold concluded the time had come to grow his sonic domain. Despite the fact that Adekunle Gold’s rebrand was worked with by 2020’s Afro Pop, Vol.1, it was only after “High,” his shining house-meets-amapiano joint effort with Davido that he at long last taken the leap from society kid nearby to pop driving man. Riding on a Pheelz-created beat, the two face on a melody about pursuing the euphoric high from living it up.

“Champion Sound” with Focalistic

Yet again scarcely a year after he joined Focalistic and Virgo Profound for the exceptionally habit-forming remix to their 2020 single, “Ke Star”, Davido collaborated with the South-African rapper on another amapiano earworm, “Champion Sound.” The tune, which finds Davido utilizing verses like “Let them know make dem quiet down, 10 years I’ve won’t ever go down” to pronounce his getting through influence more than 10 years after his introduction, was at that point a hit before an authority discharge with its spilled rendition illuminating dancefloors from Lagos to Cape Town.

“Remain steadfast”

Very few individuals knew what to think about Davido’s “new” sound when he prodded “Remain steadfast” in 2022. Joined by The Examples, the gathering popular for teaming up with Kanye West for his Sunday Administration Ensemble, we see Davido play out his most weak tune yet. Supplanting vain behaviors with crude genuineness, he defies his most profound apprehensions about distinction while cutting out space to recognize his excursion up until this point and his flexibility through everything. “Remain steadfast” is a victorious demonstration of Davido’s flexibility.

“Over Dem”

A scriptural reference and executioner sax instrumental act as the foundation of “Over Dem”, the initial track of Davido’s hotly anticipated fourth studio collection, Immortal. Davido is back and prepared to repeat his undisputed situation as a forerunner in the game. But instead than declare his return with a rich beat or rhythm, the vocalist chooses a slick and firmly controlled method of conveyance. The mid-rhythm track is the ideal springboard for a collection holding back nothing aggressive lord of Afrobeats crown.

“Inaccessible” with Musa Keys

Davido is finished managing everybody’s BS and finding opportunity to do him. He transforms this public service announcement into another cross-mainland amapiano number by pulling in South-African vocalist and maker Musa Keys for “Inaccessible.” Delivered by Asake’s successive teammate, Magicsticks, “Inaccessible” has as of late found a home on TikTok because of a dance challenge began by the craftsman himself.

“Kante” with Favorite

Davido has reliably won over be a unimaginable two part harmony accomplice on female joint efforts — “D&G” with Summer Walker and the profoundly underestimated “Tanana” with Tiwa Savage — so it is nothing unexpected that he makes enchantment with vocalist Favorite on “Kante.” Giving control to the “Child Riddim” artist, Davido handles the rearward sitting arrangement with artfulness as the two coo and stream on the Damie-delivered sluggish burner.

“Na Cash” with The Cave dwellers and Angelique Kidjo

One melody that promptly delineates Davido’s significant job as a melodic guardian is “Na Cash,” including extravagance and luxury couple The Cave dwellers and Grammy number one, Angelique Kidjo. Created by 1da Banton, the uncommon cooperation tackles the sound and tasteful of each highlighted act, bringing about a general evenness that is both natural and excitingly new.

Here’s a link to his playlist if you want to jump in right away:

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