“Afrobeats Fever: Summer Dance Workshops & Competitions in Africa”

by Boma Jaja

Afrobeats, an infectious genre rooted in the diverse sounds and rhythms of Africa, has taken the world by storm. Known for its vibrant beats and energetic dance moves, Afrobeats has grown from its origins in West Africa to influence global music and dance culture.

It’s summer, and besides attending concerts, why not spice things up a bit? Dance lovers will love this, but it’s also perfect for those looking to learn new dance moves, have new experiences, or meet new people. This article highlights dance events Afrobeats lovers should not miss.

Overview of Afrobeats Dance

Afrobeats dance traces its origins to traditional African dance forms, deeply embedded in the cultural practices of various African communities. Over the years, it has evolved by incorporating elements from contemporary music and global dance trends, making it a fusion of traditional and modern styles. This evolution has allowed Afrobeats to resonate with a global audience while maintaining its African roots.

Image by Kyle Jenkins from ASA Afrobeats Class
Popular Dance Styles:
  • Azonto from Ghana, with its fast-paced, rhythmic movements.
  • Gwara Gwara from South Africa, featuring a signature leg-swinging move.
  • Shaku Shaku from Nigeria, involving freestyle moves with a focus on legwork.

These dance styles highlight the diversity within Afrobeats and tell cultural stories through their unique moves.

Top Summer Dance Workshops

Lagos Dance Explosion: This dance workshop will be held from July 10-15 at the Eko Convention Center in Lagos, Nigeria. The wonderful Kaffy, known for her world record and contributions to the Nigerian dance space, is hosting the event. The workshop will include daily dance classes, choreography sessions, and a final showcase. Early bird registration is $150, while the standard registration is $200. You can grab your tickets on her [official website](#).

Accra Rhythm Fest: Accra, the fun isn’t just for Nigeria! Dance lovers, it’s time to have fun as Dancegod Lloyd comes to you from August 5-10 at the National Theatre in Accra, Ghana. This class offers a mix of beginner to advanced sessions, cultural dance segments, and performance opportunities. Ticket prices are $180 on the event’s [official page](#).

Nairobi Dance Mania: Nairobi, are you ready? Free your calendar from August 20-25 as top local and international dancers will be at this workshop held at the KICC in Nairobi, Kenya. There will be comprehensive sessions of your favorite Afrobeats dance moves and opportunities to learn new ones, culminating in a grand performance at the end. Tickets for the full event are $150, available on the [Nairobi Dance Mania website](#). Don’t miss it!

 Prominent Dance Competitions

If dance workshops aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. Having the best summer is my priority, so I’ve picked the best dance competitions for you to attend. Even if you can’t dance, it’ll be fun to watch!

Afro Dance Battle in Johannesburg: It will be fire in Johannesburg on July 18 at The Dome. This competition allows solo dancers, duos, and groups to participate in elimination rounds. The event will feature cash prizes, dance scholarships, and judging by renowned dancers like Poco Lee.

Image by Gianna Rizzo

Kumasi Dance Off: Kumasi, you are not left out! August 12 is going to be lit at the Baba Yara Stadium. Dancers, it’s time to show the world what you’ve got. There will be preliminary rounds leading to the grand final, with prizes including trophies, cash prizes, and dance contracts. You’ll be judged by the best local dancers. It’s not too late to register.

Dakar Dance Championship: Dakar, August 30 is your date! This competition will be held at the Grand Théâtre National and is even better because it’s not just for adults; your kids can join the competition too. It’s important to catch them young! This event will be judged by top international choreographers and will offer cash prizes, travel opportunities, and more.

Why You Should Attend

You might be unsure why you should attend. Well, besides having fun, here are three reasons:

Networking Opportunities: You get to meet other dancers and industry professionals, build your brand, and gain visibility. As they say, no man is an island.

Skills Development: Learn new dance moves from the best instructors and become a better choreographer in general.

Cultural Appreciation and Expression: Deepen your understanding of Afrobeat culture and heritage while expressing your creativity and individuality through dance.


The Afrobeats dance scene is buzzing with excitement this summer, offering numerous opportunities for dancers to learn, compete, and celebrate the rich culture of Afrobeats. From Lagos to Dakar, these workshops and competitions promise unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re an aspiring dancer, a dance lover, or a seasoned professional, participating in or attending these events is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Afrobeats dance and contribute to its global growth. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this cultural phenomenon! And who knows, you might find love there and finally end this consistency in being single.

Please tell me in the comments which event you will be attending, and if I missed any, help a friend out in the comment section!

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