“I’m Done” – Akpako Master, Terry G, Bids Farewell to Music

by Ukenya Emmanuel

Nigerian music sensation Terry G, widely recognised as the ‘Akpako master,’ has left his global fanbase in awe with an unexpected revelation of his departure from the music industry. On January 13, the 37-year-old artist took to his Instagram page to share this surprising news, opting not to disclose specific reasons for this significant career shift. Despite the absence of details, Terry G conveyed profound gratitude to his dedicated fans who have steadfastly supported him throughout his illustrious decade-long career.

In the video announcement posted by Terry G, he invites viewers to delve deeper into the sentiments behind his decision. The reactions from his fanbase have been varied, ranging from expressions of respect and well-wishes for his future endeavours to disbelief and resistance to his departure. As fans grapple with this unexpected twist in his musical journey, Terry G’s exit signifies the conclusion of an era for many captivated by his distinctive style and contributions to the Nigerian music scene.

The legacy left behind by Terry G is now a topic of reflection, as only time will unveil the path he chooses beyond the music industry. His departure leaves fans curious about the next chapter in his life and the impact he will continue to make.

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