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Upcoming rapper/singer Amofastunner debuts on ‘The Pidgin Hole’ with a gripping performance of ‘Free My Soul’ ft. Kwac from his 2023 EP ‘Aspirin, Take Twice Daily’.

Personal Philosophy

“Music is personal to me; it is my coping mechanism and my escape route. My music is the extrovert. I am the introvert.”

Born and bred in Accra, Kwabena Amofa, better known by his stage moniker Amofastunner, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Musical Style and Impact

Amofastunner’s lyrics are often factual, highly relatable, and thought-provoking. “Whenever you press play on me, one thing is for sure: connection with the message,” he says. His ability to connect with listeners through his music has made him a youth sensation.

Career Highlights

  • Debut Release: Cigarette – This track gained popularity across high schools in Ghana and motivated Amofastunner to pursue his musical career further.
  • Joint Tape: In 2021, he released his debut joint tape, GENESIS, which he described as an introductory statement to his artistry, pen game, and style.

Connect with Amofastunner

Explore more of Amofastunner’s music and stay updated with his latest releases: EPK.

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