Who Is Cina Soul – Her Musical Journey to Stardom

by Abigail Agbottah

Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome, better known by her stage name “Cina Soul”, is a Ghanaian singer-songwriter and recording artist. She was born on May 3rd 1996, and raised in Kokomlemle. She hails from James Town, Accra, and is a native of the Ga Tribe of Ghana.

As the second of three children, Cina Soul has an elder sister and a younger sister who are all gifted vocalists, possibly due to an inherited talent.

Cina Soul’s musical career began when she competed in the Vodafone Ghana Music Icons in 2014, placing her as a finalist. Subsequently, several covers and mashups of popular songs, including Mr. Eazi’s Bankulize and Cyna’s Bamidele, were displayed. With Manifest, Worlasi, and KiDi on board, Cina’s debut album “Metanoia,” which was released in 2016, launched her into the spotlight and placed her on the charts with the hits “Awo” and “Julor.”

Prior to getting signed by the Universal Music Group, she released her debut single following her EP, “00:01,” earlier in 2018. She signed with the new label and released “12:01,” her second song of the year. August 2019 marked the release of Adukwei, her second album and first single under the Universal Music label. The song was recorded ahead of the 2019 Homowo festival, which is celebrated by the Ga people of Ghana. It was produced by Nii Quaye and sang in her native Ga dialect.

Cina Soul always thinks beyond the box and sees herself as a multifaceted artist. Despite having a wide vocal range, she primarily performs in the soul, R&B, and highlife genres. In an interview with NY DJ on YFM, she stated, “So the thing about me is, I’ve always considered myself to be a very versatile artist. From the very first EP, all five to six songs are completely different, and I’ve never wanted to box myself. In the studio, I just record whatever sounds come to me, whether it’s highlife, Afrobeat, or Afro-pop.”

Being a native of Ga, Cina Soul said in an interview with TV3 on Music Music that the majority of her songs are dedicated to paying tribute to her hometown and changing the perception of Ga songs among her audience, who generally regard them as out of date. Indeed, “Ojorley,” her most successful song, was a hit.

Western influences are a significant source of musical inspiration for Cina Soul. Her other musical inspirations include Sarkodie, Wizkid, Burnaboy, Efya, and Aṣa from Nigeria. She admires these artists because of their perseverance, consistency, and excellent work ethics, all of which have contributed to their success.

Taking a spin into her most recent album, “Plenty Evil,” you’ll be enthralled with the masterfully written melodies and poetic expression of complex emotions that elicit a chilly yet pleasant sensation inside of you. Cina Soul’s rendition is utterly captivating, and her voice bears the weight of the song’s story.

“Plenty Evil” is a compelling song for both die-hard fans and those who have never heard her music before. It displays her extraordinary talent and her ability to write music that speaks to the soul and transports listeners to realms only their imagination can explore.

Cina Soul continuously distinguishes herself as a true artist who adds sincerity and depth to her craft in a music environment that strives for originality and authenticity, qualities that are progressively disappearing from Ghanaian music today.

In an interview Cina Soul had with Delay, she stated that her best work is yet to come. She’s her worst critic when it comes to it, and in her opinion, she hasn’t reached stardom until she hears the Chinese sing her song in her native tongue. 

We hope that in due course, such an extraordinary musician will receive the recognition she so richly deserves.

To experience this musical masterpiece and let Cina Soul’s luring tones transport you to a realm only your imagination can reach, click the link below.

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