EASTSIDEALIEN: From Nsukka to the World

by Trickle Media

Originating from Nsukka in Enugu state, Nigeria, Udegbunam Richmond Chiemezie, also known as EASTSIDEALIEN, quickly established himself in Eastern Nigerian rap. Influenced by artists such as 21 Savage, he embarked on his music career in 2019, recognising his talent and stepping into the world of professional music.

EASTSIDEALIEN has crafted a distinctive style that expertly combines Grime and Drill music’s raw, aggressive sounds. This combination is not merely a stylistic choice but a reflection of his experiences and personal narratives. His sound is known for its gritty beats, which resonate with an intense energy, and sharp, thought-provoking lyricism that cuts straight to the heart of his listeners. He reached the pinnacle of his musical journey with the release of “Hypocrites” in January 2023. With its profound lyrics and compelling rhythms, this track managed to captivate audiences, placing him firmly on the music map.

Recognised and respected as one of the leading Gen Z artists from Eastern Nigeria, EASTSIDEALIEN makes his mark in the industry. Highlights include collaborating with JeriQ and demonstrating his ability to work with industry figures.

EASTSIDEALIEN embodies the principle of “just trynna get it done,” basing his philosophy on authenticity and relentless perseverance. Through his music, he delivers potent punchlines, epitomising his resolve. His commanding baritone voice demands attention and respect, offering a straightforward, unfiltered perspective.

Beyond music, EASTSIDEALIEN co-founded VTB and is affiliated with Royal Empire Management, highlighting his dedication to expanding his influence. With hard work, determination, and authenticity, he continues to break boundaries and enthral audiences. His commitment to his craft remains steadfast as he navigates the ever-changing music landscape. In the fast-paced music world, his dedication and passion shine through every performance, a testament to his love for music.

https://hype.co/@eastsidealien / https://instagram.com/eastsidealien_

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