King Fahd x Xlimkid – Top Lonely | The Pidgin Hole

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King Fahd makes a guest appearance on The Pidgin Hole to perform his track “Top Lonely” featuring Xlimkid. The talented rap artist from Ghana released this melodic song in 2023.

King Fahd, a young recording artist and songwriter from the Sub-Saharan African space, has emerged as a prominent Ghanaian rapper. Taking his raw, uncut style from deep underground circles to mainstream success, King Fahd has carved out a long and winding career in the music industry.

Musical Style and Influences

The crooner’s artistic prowess has been highlighted in ghettos, schools, and the streets as a whole. His unique blend of hip-hop, melodic rap, R&B, and trap music has made him an unparalleled force in the music scene. This versatility has led to dynamic collaborations with notable artists such as Kofi Mole and Xlimkid.

Artistic Vision

King Fahd’s music resonates with audiences through its authentic representation of the streets and the struggles within. His ability to blend various genres seamlessly has set him apart as a distinctive voice in the industry.

Connect with the Artist:

Explore more of his music and stay updated with his latest releases: TOP DADA (@topkingfahd)

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