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Newtown’s champion Myk Millah delivers an edgy performance of his single “Rainy Days” on The Pidgin Hole, the first track from his 2023 Oliver Twist EP.

Early Life and Background

Micheal Ackah Blay, popularly known in his city as Myk Millah, is a young rapper and songwriter born in Newtown, Accra, Ghana. The city is known as a tough place to grow up, breeding talents and hardworking creatives. Accra Newtown has produced arguably the biggest artists in Ghana over the years, including Shatta Wale, and more young artists like Myk Millah are following suit as they chase their dreams.

Career Highlights and Community Impact

Myk Millah previously released a powerful anthem to promote his local neighbourhood, unveiling a remix of the original song almost a year after its initial release. This new version features notable contributions from La Meme Gang’s $pacely and RJZ, adding fresh layers to the popular track. The anthem, “Accra Newtown,” has been warmly embraced by the city’s inhabitants. The community’s enthusiasm for Myk Millah’s talent and dedication is palpable as they rally around him in support. The anthem not only highlights his musical skills but also promotes his community.

Musical Philosophy and Social Impact

The dynamic and reciprocal relationship between an artist and his local neighbourhood is a powerful testament to music’s profound influence. It’s not just about creating songs; it’s about fostering unity, promoting a sense of belonging, and building communal identity. Music, in this context, becomes more than a form of entertainment. It becomes a social glue that binds people together, a cultural expression everyone in the neighbourhood can identify with and take pride in. This relationship between the artist and the neighbourhood is a clear illustration that music, in its purest form, is a powerful social tool that can bring people together.

Connect with the Artist:

Explore more of his music and stay updated with his latest releases: Myk Millah (@_mykmillah)

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