2Baba’s Farewell to Now Muzik and the Dawn of a Musical Era

by Abigail Agbottah

In a monumental move, Nigerian music icon 2Baba, renowned for his timeless hits, has officially parted ways with Now Muzik management company, owned by the esteemed Efe Omorogbe. This mutual disengagement, announced on Now Muzik’s Instagram page, marks the end of a musical era in the African music industry.

Efe Omorogbe, the Co-Founder and CEO of Now Musik, described his two-decade journey with 2Baba as “beyond work.” Expressing profound gratitude to 2Baba for his trust and friendship, Omorogbe acknowledged the remarkable brands built together and the unforgettable music created for fans worldwide. Highlighting 2Baba’s stature as one of Nigeria’s most excellent musicians, Omorogbe expressed honour in walking alongside him for two decades, pledging continued support and advocacy for 2Baba’s future endeavours. 

“We are grateful for the opportunity to achieve major milestones working with 2Baba over the last two decades. These achievements have defined an era and validated our collective contributions to the growth of the entertainment industry in Africa. For this, we are extremely proud”.

In response to Omorogbe’s heartfelt sentiments, 2Baba expressed gratitude for the instrumental role Now Muzik played in his career success. Reflecting on the partnership, 2Baba credited Now Muzik as a pivotal force in realizing his artistic vision and achievements.

Under the management of Now Muzik, 2Baba has achieved remarkable success. His debut solo album, “Face 2 Face” (2004), was hailed as one of the greatest Nigerian debut albums of the 21st century, featuring hits like “Nfana Ibaga,” “Ole,” and “African Queen,” which was featured in the Hollywood movie “Phat Girlz” (2006). Since then, he has released eight albums, performed in over 100 cities, earned over 60 awards, and garnered over 400 million streams across all platforms. 

Now Muzik’s contribution to his iconic status as an Afrobeat and pop star is undeniable, having nurtured numerous talents and amassed a billion music streams over 25 years.

With this transition, 2Baba now embarks on a new chapter represented by his own record label, Hypertek Digital. However, the impact of his illustrious partnership with Now Muzik remains indelible.

The official announcement received resounding praise from fans nationwide, acknowledging the exemplary partnership between 2Baba and Now Muzik. Social media buzzed with admiration for their shared maturity, brotherhood, and unparalleled contributions to African music entertainment.

As 2Baba embarks on this new phase of his musical journey, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his legendary career, while Now Muzik continues to uphold its legacy of excellence in the industry.

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