Butterfly: Dumomi The Jig’s New Hit Single

by Abigail Agbottah

UK-based Nigerian artist Dumomi The Jig recently dropped his latest single, “Butterfly,” produced by Black Culture. The track, now featured on Adult Global Nation, demonstrates Dumomi’s ability to infuse heartfelt emotion into his music, particularly as he reflects on meeting his significant other for the first time. Describing his attraction to her as a mix of infatuation and love, Dumomi poetically describes the sensation akin to butterflies in his stomach, evoking a sense of elation. This mid-tempo R&B track is beautifully blended with lush Afrobeat elements, showcasing Dumomi’s versatility and emerging talent in the music industry.

Born Adedunmomi Adenuga, Dumomi The Jig has been passionate about music since his early years, influenced by a family with diverse professional talents. Raised in Ikeja, Lagos, and currently residing in London, Dumomi’s music reflects a fusion of his cultural roots and Western influences. Despite graduating in Architecture from the University of Lagos, Dumomi remained dedicated to his musical aspirations, drawing inspiration from his father’s love for the piano.

Beyond being a singer, Dumomi is also a skilled rapper, producer, and video editor, showcasing his diverse talents and unwavering passion in his work. His hit single “Butterfly” is just one example of his musical prowess, with previous successful tracks including “More,” “Anticipating,” “Fantasy,” and “Oh I, La Vida Loca.” Collaborating with artists like Niniola on “Maria,” Dumomi has earned critical acclaim and amassed millions of views on platforms like YouTube.

In addition to its infectious melodies and pulsating beats, “Butterfly” is accompanied by a stunning visual experience created in collaboration with Visionaire Pictures’ George Guise. Shot in the beautiful city of Zanzibar, Tanzania, the music video adds depth and visual storytelling to Dumomi’s lyrical narrative.

Looking ahead, Dumomi is committed to delivering excellence to his fans, navigating the ever-evolving music industry with finesse and flair. With each new release, he continues to push boundaries and set new standards, promising nothing but the best for his dedicated followers.

To experience the enchanting sensation of butterflies brought to life by this captivating hit song, click on the link below.

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