Global AfroBeats Power: Top Artists & Songs Unveiled on Spotify!

by R.Jarnathan

The competition within the AfroBeats scene is heating up as Spotify recently announced the top AfroBeats artists and most streamed songs, showcasing the genre’s global appeal and influence.

Streaming platforms like Spotify have played a significant role in spreading the genre worldwide, providing artists with a legitimate platform to monetise their work and promote upcoming content without sacrificing their autonomy.

This has not gone unnoticed by brands and talent, who have taken a keen interest in the genre’s growing popularity and have increased investments to use these platforms as launching pads to secure a solid foothold. While Spotify’s specific methodology for determining top artists is not widely disclosed, these kinds of analysis often use factors such as stream count, listeners, followers, playlist inclusions, vitality, and trending tracks to gather key data and analysis.

The announcement has been shared on Spotify’s account and has since generated hype from fans, followers of the genre, and the artists themselves.

Check out the playlist below:

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