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Upcoming Afrobeats artist K.Afrique delivers a passionate performance of his single “Taya” on The Pidgin Hole, the first of a two track EP from the Ghana based singer/ rapper.

K.Afrique is the new kid on the block, hoping to rise through the ranks as a multi-genre artist with his impressive sound, ranging from Afro Fusion to rap and soul music. Gradually bursting onto the music scene with his enormous talent, he is best known for his unique lyrical prowess, which he labels as poetry-infused, in addition to his versatility. The Accra-based Ghanaian artist is one to look out for.

Songwriting and Themes

His songs are based on a variety of stories he wishes to tell, ranging from life experiences to love and societal issues. His wide range of exploring sounds and getting inspired by them influences his ability to experiment with music, positioning him as a promising talent.

Career Highlights

K.Afrique made his first music appearance in 2021 with his debut hip-hop song, “Sometimes.” He followed up with “Mistakes,” a song that garnered significant attention and led to him being featured on the Weekly Trends Africa Playlist, ranking number 6 in the top 20 songs of the week. This recognition was a big motivation for him at the time.

So far, K.Afrique has four singles and a two-song EP to his name. His newest single, released in late 2023, titled “Kelewele,” has gathered waves and attracted music lovers. In this latest Afro-Highlife single, he talks about a woman who is committed to managing life with her lover, aiming for a better end rather than seeking a lifestyle of extravagance.

Looking Ahead

While K.Afrique is just in the early stages of his career, his talent speaks for itself, and his name is one to watch out for. The journey continues, and the sky is only a footstep into higher heights for this young, promising Ghanaian artist.

Connect with the Artist:

Explore more of his music and stay updated with his latest releases: ‘KELEWELE’🎶 out now‼️ (@k.afrique_)

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