La Même Gang’s New EP ‘Let’s Start a Riot’

by Sylvia Eze

La Même Gang’s New EP ‘Let’s Start a Riot’ is set to be released this December. We are about to relish in some chaos before the festivities, as the La Même Gang just announced via their twitter/X account that they will be dropping their new EP, ‘Let’s Start a Riot’. The EP is set for release on Friday the 15th, and it will be available for streaming on online platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music.

Fans are already very much excited (and relieved) to see the ‘gang’ come together and perform again. Especially since the rumour about DarkoVibes disassociating from the group blew up months ago when he wasn’t seen performing with his members during the Tidal Rave music festival at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. However, the artist later shut it down during his interview with Hitz FM. He claimed the rumour was far from the truth and reassured fans that he is still going strong with the La Même Gang. You can even find him promoting their recent comeback through his X account.

Now, as of the time of writing, not much has been revealed about what to expect in this EP. With their track record of filling our ears with good music, it is safe to say that it will be another banger.

So while we wait, you can also check out their extensive catalogue, which includes some of their fans’ all-time faves, such as:

#1. Stables: 

A 2018 song by award-winning Ghanaian singer/rapper Joey B that features the collective’s members, including Darkovibes, RJZ, $pacely, KwakuBs, Kiddblack, and Nxwrth. 

#2. Reveal (Fly You Out): 

Also released in 2018 as part of the La Même Tape: Linksters album, this song combines well-executed rap verses with melodic hooks to create a distinct sound. It mixes up many genres like Afropop, Afro Swing and R&B. It also features Darkovibes and $pacely.

#3. Yaa Baby: 

This Afrobeat-influenced song has a very catchy chorus and a vibrant production. It was released back in 2017 and features KwakuBs and $pacely.

#4. Godzilla (Vibes Sorr Ni):

Featuring DarkoVibes, Joey B, Nxwrth and Kiddblack, this collaboration, released in 2017, has each member bringing their unique style to the table.

#5. Celebration:

Also part of their 2018 album, La Même Tape: Linksters, this song features King Promise, DarkoVibes, $pacely, Ordartei and RJZ.

#6. Snakes:

‘Snakes’ came out hot from their 2018 album featuring DarkoVibes and Kiddblack. This song is marked by its smooth production and laid-back yet engaging delivery by the two featured artists.

Other impressive songs they have released include Stone Island, Know Me, Kemor Ame, Two Weeks, and Gold Coast.

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