Davido’s ‘Unavailable’ Ranks #17 On Rolling Stone Magazine.

by Sylvia Eze

Not only has Davido’s hit song, Unavailable, surpassed 100 Million streams on Spotify, but Rolling Stone has also recognised it as one of the 100 best songs of 2023.

The song got him a Grammy nomination back in November, which is a huge feat considering the fact that it only took 40 minutes to create, and now has a place in one of the most reputable magazines in the world.

Ranking at #17 on the list, he comes in between SZA featuring Doja Cat for ‘Kill Bill Remix’ (#16) and Chappell Roan for ‘Red Wine Supernova’ (#18).

Rolling Stone particularly found the chorus of ‘Unavailable’ catchy and irresistible. According to them, “It takes exactly 33 seconds to get this song stuck in your head.”

You can check out the video below:

Davido’s song ‘Unavailable (Remix)’ features two other talented artists. The South African record producer Musa Keys and the very talented American rapper Latto. Having them collaborate on this song and watching them deliver their verses with skill is something fans won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

I mean, if you are on TikTok, I’m pretty sure you would have seen the many challenges going around. Even the ‘Under The Influence’ crooner, Chris Brown (Breezy), was a part of it.


Chris Brown dancing to Davido’s Unavailable 🔥 #chrisbrown #davido #challenge #foryou #fy @chrisbrownofficial #chrisbrownedits

♬ som original – breezy lyrics

The lyrics to the chorus are quite easy to memorize and repetitive (but not in a bad way). It simply goes like this:

'I'm unavailable (Unavailable)
Dem no dey see me (Dem no dey see me)
I'm unavailable (Unavailable)
Dem no dey see me (Dem no dey see me)
I'm unavailable (Unavailable)
Dem no dey see me (Dem no dey see me)
I'm unavailable (Unavailable)
Dem no dey see me (Dem no dey see me)'

And then, we also have the rich instrumentals playing in the background that will definitely get your feet tapping and head nodding to the beat. That is if you’re not already busting some moves on the dance floor yet.

Also, you should know that this hit single is part of his 2023 album, Timeless EP, where you can find other hit songs such as Away and Over Dem (I Be David For Life). It falls under the Afrobeats genre and very clearly drives home the message Davido wants to send across to his fans and, quite possibly, his haters as well.

The official video has currently garnered over 76 million views on YouTube, while the audio also has a pretty good standing at 5.5 million views. Davido has performed this hit track at the 2023 BET Awards, the Tonight Show (Jimmy Fallon) and KOKO in London.

Overall, Davido has a diverse discography that has touched various genres, including Afrobeats and Afro-pop. The good thing about it is that his songs, such as the well-composed ‘Unavailable’, easily resonate with a lot of his listeners, which makes him deserving of his high ranking in Rolling Stone magazine.

Meanwhile, you can also check which of your other favourite artists made it to the list here.

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