Medikal’s UK Concert: Historic Sold-Out Event

by Abigail Agbottah

On the night of 03 May 2024, Ghanaian music enthusiasts gathered at the prestigious 02 Indigo in the UK for a historic event – Medikal’s “Planning and Plotting” album mega-concert. The anticipation was palpable as the ticket to the venue, with a capacity crowd of approximately 2,800, was officially declared sold out mere hours before the event kicked off.

Medikal’s decision to host a Ghanaian-owned concert in the UK, entirely produced and backed by a Ghanaian promoter, was a bold move. Mr. Dennis Tawiah, CEO of Akwaaba UK, acknowledged the high risk involved but emphasized its significance for both Medikal and Ghanaian music. He expressed pride in promoting the show, recognizing its potential to make history.

“Medikal and his team’s decision to take the high risk of hosting a Ghanaian concert in the UK, where we have performed below our expectations in recent years, means a great deal to Medikal and Ghanaian music as a whole. Medikal is prepared for a historic concert, and I am proud to be promoting the show.”

The renowned rapper was not alone in his mission as fellow Ghanaian artists like Shatta Wale and Sarkodie graced the stage. Meanwhile, some media personalities, as well as Black Stars footballer Mohammed Kudus, also flew in from Ghana to support the rapper. However, the presence of Medikal’s ex-girlfriend, Sister Derby, stirred controversy among fans. Medikal defended the decision, explaining that it was aimed at enhancing the live concert experience for fans in relation to their popular collaborative song.

A poignant moment of the event was Medikal’s tribute to his friend Shatta Wale, whom he credited with mentoring him and providing crucial support at the beginning of his career. The crowd erupted in cheers as Medikal expressed gratitude for Shatta Wale’s guidance and assistance.

His performance was nothing short of extraordinary, marked by multiple costume changes and exciting introductions of fellow artists. Medikal’s mission to unite his UK fanbase and showcase the power of Ghanaian music was undoubtedly accomplished.

As the event drew to a close, Medikal, dressed in all white, took to the stage amidst a shower of white confetti. Kneeling in gratitude, he thanked all the artists who supported the concert and the enthusiastic audience for making it a night to remember.

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