Tems Pays Tribute to Seyi Sodimu with New Single ‘Love Me Jeje’

by Ukenya Emmanuel

Grammy-winning artist Tems pays homage to Nigerian classic ‘Love Me Jeje’ in her latest single release. Tems thrilled fans with a preview of ‘Love Me Jeje’ at Coachella 2024, building anticipation for its official release.

The track, dropped on April 26, features a sample from Seyi Sodimu’s 1997 hit, adding a nostalgic touch to Tems’ signature style. Following her previous release, ‘Not An Angel’, in December 2023, ‘Love Me Jeje’ continues Tems’ exploration of African percussion and Highlife melodies.

Her choice to incorporate Sodimu’s classic record into her own work is a clear demonstration of her deep respect and admiration for the timeless piece. This decision gives us a glimpse into the rich and layered content that we can expect from her highly anticipated debut album. It hints at the depth and breadth of her musical knowledge, as well as the diverse influences that have shaped her unique sound.

Her international collaborations with esteemed artists and the numerous accolades she has received are a testament to her incredible talent. Among these honours, the Grammy win stands out, further validating her exceptional musical skills. As she continues her journey, she is not just representing herself but also making Africa proud. Her unwavering dedication and hard work have solidified her position as one of Africa’s top musical talents, and she continues to inspire many with her success.

From her standout featured performance on Wizkid’s chart-topping hit ‘Essence’ to her notable contribution as a co-writer for the much-anticipated blockbuster ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’, Tems’s journey is a powerful testament to her rapidly rising star power in the global music scene. Her unique sound has earned her widespread acclaim and solidified her position as a significant and influential figure in the industry.

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