Ruger Ft BNXN Poe: A Wild, Raunchy Break From The Norm

by Andrew Simire

Ruger dropped another hit with BNXN, popularly known as Buju. The “Frontliner” of Blown Boy Entertainment. With this collaboration with BNXN, he underscores his dedication to providing fresh and engaging content for his fans and the music industry. This partnership is anticipated to further highlight Ruger’s talent and artistry. 

Ruger And BNXN’s Mix Of Contemporary Nigerian Childhood And Adulthood Play 

Produced by Blaise Beatz, the song comes with easy lyrics, adopting a playful, careful and creative tone that people of all ages can vibe to and sing along.

They also hinge the hook of the song, “tunbo tunbo gaskelebe, which one I go go choose”, with a very popular Yoruba childhood rhyming playtime song children use when trying to choose options, quite a to the western “eenie meenie minie moe”.

These lyrics give us an insight into the fact that Ruger and BNXN want the girl in question to choose one of both of them without her playing hard to get: 

“ko ma fi mi denge poe”.

In the song, Ruger goes on to explain to the lady the song is directed at what she stands to gain if she chooses him, telling her that her current man is not giving her the sexual pleasure she deserves in the words: 

“See brother wey dey knack you, no get sense

‘Cause he never jam you to full extent

See, you never experience full wetness”

He promises her things bordering on quality, satisfying sex and pleasure and other good things of life. He also appreciates her soft looks compared to the soft, popular Agege Bread…” You too soft like fresh – Agege.”

Silly But Smart Patriotic References

One part of the song that stands out is where Ruger incorporates a part of the recently changed Nigerian National anthem to show his patriotic dedication to this lady in question. The words:

“’Rise, O Compa’” 

Coined out from the first verse of the anthem, which recites as:

“Arise O compatriots

Nigeria’s call obey.”

The above comes right after Ruger tells her that:

“I’m a good citizen of this continent”.

At a time when Nigeria is facing a serious internal crisis, the reference to patriotism may not seem that palatable, but calls to mind the fact that we are still Nigerians and know how to make the most of trying situations, like Afrobeats music soaring across the world.

Ruger’s Unknowing Tribute To Small Doctor And Show Of Dexterity

Another part that only stands out if one gets to calmly check it out is the fact that Ruger knowingly or unknowingly adopted Naija street act, Small Doctor’s style in delivering his lines in his second verse, which reads as:

“Sùn mọ mi, turn your back oh, back oh (ye)

Na back to back o, back o…“

Some say the entirety of Ruger’s part in the song is reminiscent of Small Doctor’s style.

This is a pleasant deviation from the norm as Ruger is known to have his style based on melodious love songs bordering on the Dancehall or Afrobeat style. So whether he knew it or not, he just gave a tribute to Small Doctor, as one would most likely think the street anthem master was back, dishing out a groove with BNXN if one does not check out the title.

The attempt also goes to show Ruger’s dexterity as an artiste getting out of his usual style and killing it in contemporary Nigerian Afrobeats.

The song also makes references to other trending or popular songs like Kizz Daniel’s “Tue tue”

BNXN like always delivers his hooks right, showing us what makes him one of the hookmasters of our generation. Also the fact that this is the second time they are working together after BNXN’s “Romeo must die” and Ruger’s Ilashe, one tends to wonder if this is going to be a continuous venture.

Near-Raunchy Video With An Exciting Break From The Norm

When it comes to the video, they take it out of the box acting as the most irresponsible set of pilots to a set of the sexiest crew any flightmaster would want to have on board. Ruger in his classic casanova style comes forth in his element getting all the attention of the ladies as Buju tags along, creating one of the most irresponsible and most electrifying and scariest flight experiences at the same time!

The duo literally turned the aeroplane into a nightclub, with Ruger getting freaky with a flight attendant in the bathroom and Buju getting it on in the cockpit, nearly crashing them all!

It is a wonder how they ever got to land the plane safely!

All in all, the video was cleanly shot with the best balance of colours and visual effects mixing together. 

Final Words

We can only expect more collaborations from these two and a whole lot more surprises of Ruger showing his prowess in other genres of music. BNXN will continue to be Nigeria;s Afrobeat hookmaster, while providing us with some of the most sonorous songs with a voice that betrays his thickset looks.

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