Stonebwoy Assures Safety Following Robbery Incident

by Sylvia Eze
Stonebwoy 5th Dimension

Stonebwoy, the Ghanaian reggae, dancehall and afropop sensation, has taken to social media to reassure his fans after news of a robbery attack involving him in the United States spread rapidly during the night.

The artist, known for his hit songs and electrifying performances, shared his perspective on the incident, calming concerns and demonstrating resilience.

The shocking incident occurred in Atlanta, Georgia when Stonebwoy and his entourage were in the city as part of their ongoing US tour. Shortly after the artist shared a video of himself shopping at the renowned Icebox Diamond & Watches store, reports suggested that Stonebwoy and his team were targeted by robbers, raising concerns about their safety.

As news of the robbery incident began to circulate on social media platforms, fans, supporters, and music enthusiasts expressed their shock and concern. The incident sparked a flurry of activity on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms, as individuals sought updates and shared their well wishes for Stonebwoy’s safety.

The incident took an even more dramatic turn due to its occurrence during the late hours, further intensifying the reactions. In the midst of the uproar on social media over the reported robbery attack, Stonebwoy posted a message on Twitter, providing comfort to his worried fans. While refraining from delving into the specifics of the incident, Stonebwoy’s message carried a sense of assurance that he and his team were unharmed.

He didn’t explicitly confirm or deny the robbery, but focused on letting everyone know that he is safe and sound. Also, in a surprising twist, Stonebwoy’s tweet didn’t only focus on his safety. Instead, he encouraged music enthusiasts to attend his upcoming concert in Atlanta, scheduled for August 17.

His tweet reads, “Very Safe and Sound! ATL Let’s Meet Tomorrow at The @masquerade_atl 7pm. Tickets 🎫”

Stonebwoy is currently on a US tour, having already performed in various cities including Washington DC, Boston, Hartford Connecticut, and New York City. His next performance is scheduled for Atlanta, which adds a layer of anticipation to his fans’ excitement.

We remain optimistic for a triumphant and fulfilling conclusion to the tour, benefiting both the artist and their loyal supporters, despite the challenges they have faced.

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