The Recording Academy adds New Category for African Music

by D.Sark
Grammy Award

This announcement back in June signifies a significant recognition of African music and artists. The inclusion will likely provide a platform to celebrate the rich diversity and talent within the African music industry.

It will create a track and singles category which recognizes recordings that utilize unique local expressions from the African continent. Highlighting regional melodic, harmonic and rhythmic musical traditions. The category includes but not limited to the now popular Afrobeat, Afro-fusion, Afro Pop, Afro-House, Amapiano, Alte, Bongo Flava, Ghanaian Drill, Genge, Kizomba, Chimurenga, High Life, Fuji, Kwassa, Ndombolo, Mapouka, South African Hip-Hop and Ethio Jazz genres.

The addition of new categories demonstrates the Recording Academy’s commitment to embracing different genres and regions, allowing for greater representation and inclusivity in the Grammy awards. It can also help raise awareness and appreciation for African music globally

As the 2024 Grammys approach, it will be exciting to see the nominations and the subsequent recognition of exceptional African music performances. Keep an eye on our official website as we will be announcing further details on the new category and updates on the nomination process.

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