Medikal and Fella’s Public Divorce: Pettiness, Controversy, Drama

by Abigail Agbottah
Medikal and Fella's Public Divorce: Pettiness Controversy Drama

Just when the public thought the drama between Medikal and Fella Makafui had reached its peak, the Nungua Traditional Council summoned the former lovers on May 24, 2024, following their divorce announcement on March 30. Their separation has been anything but private, with both parties engaging in a public display of pettiness, controversy, and bickering that has captivated and divided their fans.

Social Media Feuds

Medikal’s announcement that he and Fella were now co-parenting their daughter was just the beginning of a series of social media outbursts. His tweets and videos chronicled grievances, including demands for the return of his wedding ring and the drinks he provided during their engagement. Medikal’s public airing of these personal matters not only drew significant attention but also sparked a wave of reactions from their followers, turning their private turmoil into a public spectacle.

“As she say she no want this anymore, I’m just waiting for my ring and the drinks. Anytime you guys are ready, I am here.”

Displays of Pettiness

Fella Makafui, on the other hand, responded to Medikal’s outbursts with a press statement on May 18, 2024, claiming that his actions were damaging her reputation. Despite her requests to keep their issues private, Medikal continued to share details of their relationship, including allegations of physical abuse and financial exploitation. He accused Fella of forcing him to fund her surgical procedures and exposed these allegations through a series of videos, further fueling the controversy and leading to public backlash against Fella.

Council Invitation and Climax

The climax of this ongoing drama was the formal invitation from the Nungua Traditional Council, which called the couple to appear with their land documentation. This intervention underscored the seriousness of their disputes, which had now extended to issues of property and legal implications. Medikal and Fella’s public feud even led to complications involving their living arrangements.  Furthermore, there have been legal actions, with Medikal asking Fella to evict her cousin while Fella petitioned the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to investigate Medikal’s statements.

As Medikal and Fella Makafui navigate the aftermath of their very public divorce, both face significant challenges. Mentally, the stress of their publicized split has been immense, while socially, they must each rebuild their lives under intense scrutiny. On a personal level, they are both on a journey to find a new sense of normalcy and healing. Despite the dramatic nature of their breakup, there is potential for both to grow from this experience and focus on their future, free from the shadow of their contentious past.

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