“No More Tears” – A dive into Efya’s Four-Track EP

by Abigail Agbottah
No More Tears

“No More Tears” – A dive into Efya’s Four-Track EP. Efya, the talented Afro-soul/Afrobeat musician, has launched her fourth project, “No More Tears, ” produced by LOUDA. The four songs that make up the EP highlight Efya’s triumphs over heartbreak and other challenges in life, along with the lessons she has discovered. Through these songs, we learn that there are artists who produce and others who go above and beyond, profoundly affecting people’s hearts and souls. The latter group includes Efya

“Set Me Free”

The EP’s opening track is the beautiful song “Set Me Free”, which envelops listeners in the welcoming spirit of love. With her engaging voice and passionate lyrics, Efya paints a vivid image of the joy and excitement that love may bring.

Some might argue that “Set Me Free” is an insight into the state of humanity and the yearning for freedom rather than just a song. The concept of self-acceptance, letting go of limitations, and self-discovery is communicated through the lyrics. Self-expression and freedom of creativity are two things that Efya utilizes her music for.

“Mr. High”

The song “Mr. High” expresses love and infatuation through its lyrics. The captivating feeling of falling in love and the allure of someone’s presence were both captured in the song. It also draws attention to the duality that people can have and how these identities might occasionally conflate reality and fantasy. One wonders about their identities and whether they are leading authentic lives through music. Being self-aware and considering people’s roles in their daily lives are the lessons to be learnt from this.

Efya - No More Tears

“No more”

“No More,” the title track, is a determined proclamation of independence, self-respect, and a positive affirmation of leaving behind negativity and unfavourable circumstances. The song is a tribute to the everlasting ability of music to uplift and enable people to fight for their freedom and self-worth, elevating Efya to a renowned status in the modern Ghanaian music landscape.

Efya Nokturnal No More Tears EP

“Helper (Oluwa)”

“Helper (Oluwa)” combines music and faith to create a sombre and reflective environment that inspires listeners to explore their spirituality. The song expresses appreciation for God in good and challenging times while encouraging and soothing listeners who seek consolation in their faith. “Helper (Oluwa)” exemplifies music’s enduring potential to express highly personal and spiritual sentiments, cementing Efya’s place in both the contemporary Ghanaian music industry and the sphere of faith and spirituality.

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